The Best and Brightest from our current "Escondido Exhibition" for the month of August 2022.
This show was judged by Tom Tiedeman.


Kene Lohmann
"Remember When..."

1st Place - Oil
Kathy Aldrich
"Lake Houses"

2nd Place - Oil
Lana Sylber
"A Reely Good Day"

3rd Place - Oil
Lana Sylber
"Cocktail Hour"

1st Place - Acrylic
David Allen
"Rocky Point"

2nd Place - Acrylic 
Carol Henwood

3rd Place - Acyrlic
Byron Marler
"All Aboard Escondido"

1st Place - Watercolor
Rosemarie Woldin

2nd Place - Watercolor
Lena MacDonald
"Escondido Jacarandas"

3rd Place - Watercolor Kene Lohmann

1st Place - Other
Valorie Ashley

2nd Place - Other
Peggy Stokes
"Dew Drops"

3rd Place - Other
Crystal Laman
"Escondido Humane Society"

Honorable Mentions

Con Slack
"No, That's It"

Linda Forsey
"Cockey Doodle Doo"

Kathy Aldrich
"Espinoza Winery"

Carol Henwood

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Escondido Art Association and Artists Gallery hosts 12 Open Exhibitions per year. We are open to members and non-members of all skill levels. We host a professional artist as our monthly judge to make selections: 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places in categories: Oil, Watercolor, Acrylic, and Other (which includes sculpture, assemblage, fiber art, paper collage, photography, etc.).  

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