February 2023

Judged by Paul Kobriger
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Artist: Suzanne Nicolaisen

"Wherever You Go"

1st Place - Oil
Lana Sylber

2nd Place - Oil
"Sweet Sounds of Music"
Carolyn Bellamy

3rd Place - Oil
"Preparing for a Dance"
Zandra Lee

1st Place - Acrylic
"Wine Tasting in Tuscany"
Rosemarie Wolden

2nd Place - Acrylic
Carole Kuck

3rd Place - Acrylic
"Boat Dock"
Suzanne Nicolaisen

1st Place - Mixed Media
"Valentino's Magnetism"
Tokeli Baker

2nd Place - Mixed Media
Cathy Haven

3rd Place - Mixed Media 
Craig Reeser

1st Place - Watercolor
"Golden Gate of Sunset"
Noel Fishman

2nd Place - Watercolor
"Tropical Hibiscus"
Kene Lohmann

3rd Place - Watercolor
"Happy Giant"
Ranka Vukmanic

1st Place - Photography & Digital Media
"Passion Dance"
Jim Coit

2nd Place - Photography & Digital Media
"I See You"
Jim Coit

3rd Place - Photography & Digital Media
Bastille Day"

Steven E. Jones

Honorable Mentions

"Romancing the Waves"
Linda O'Rourke

"Lily Garden"
Lana Sylber

Janice Niles

"Tree of Love"
Lena MacDonald

"Romance on the Seine"
Steven E. Jones