Best in Show
Wherever you go
suzanne nicolaisen

OIL 1st
before the storm
kathy aldrich

oil 2nd
pachyderm pub
pat hunter

oil 3rd
in the summertime
george mrazek

oil hm
city lift
barbara glaze

acrylic 1st
parallel universe
rosemarie woldin

acrylic 2nd
graduate/now hawaii
byron marler

acrylic 3rd
jinx lennon

acrylic hm
mixed bouquet
nacy lee sommers

Watercolor 1st on the rocks
elaine griveas

Watercolor 2nd
suzanne nicolaisen

Watercolor 3rd
rosemarie woldin

Watercolor HM
a world w/out hate
rosemarie woldin

Other 1st
going somewhere
suzanne nicolaisen

Other 2nd
Oct. Mystery Member 
joan segel

Other 3rd
aurora borealis 
mary brown

Other HM
Kati Cowan