June 2023

Judged by Andreas Rushing
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Artist: Pat Hunter

"Wupatki Ruins"

1st Place - Oil
"Shelter England"
Byron Marler

2nd Place - Oil
"Emu Lives"
Andrew Annenberg

3rd Place - Oil
"My Own Grand Narrative"
Sean Cathey

1st Place - Acrylic
Lana Sylber

2nd Place - Acrylic
"Love My Anemone"
Millie Taylor Smith

3rd Place - Acrylic
"Into the Light"
Millie Taylor Smith

1st Place - Mixed Media
"Baroque Botanicals"
Tokeli Baker

2nd Place - Mixed Media
Valorie Ashley

3rd Place - Mixed Media 
Liz Alborn

1st Place - Watercolor
"Secret Place"
Kene Lohmann

2nd Place - Watercolor
"Cabin Waiting for You"
Noel Fishman

3rd Place - Watercolor
"Unsheltered Herons"
Elaine Griveas

1st Place - Photography & Digital Media
Jim Coit

2nd Place - Photography & Digital Media
"Beynac, France"
Steven E. Jones

3rd Place - Photography & Digital Media
"Kilmainham Gaol Museum Dublin"
Steven E. Jones

Honorable Mentions

Sean Cathey

"Shelter Hawaii"
Byron Marler

"Shelter for My Heart"
Sue Ann Daffara

"Shelter in the Storm"
Karen Wilson

"Saba Sandstone"
Ralph Martin


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