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I am an Artist who loves the enriching value that art brings to life. As far back as I can remember, I have drawn pictures with great detail. San Diego State University is my alma mater - I hold a major in Social Science, emphasis in Multicultural Studies and a minor in Art.

My career led me into elementary education for 10 years, followed by marketing and public relations, and then development/fundraising for nonprofit organizations. Most recently, I enjoyed 10 years, following an entrepreneurial heart, as the owner and Innkeeper of my Bed and Breakfast, the Villa De Valor, in Julian California.

I felt a growing desire to explore and embrace a part of my heritage that had been buried in history. My family tree contained Native Americans, Africans and Anglos. I began drawing Native Americans, the “elders” as I call them; individuals with the wisdom of the world contained in their weathered, wrinkled features, especially in their beautiful “eyes.”

Since that awakening, I've drawn Portraits of Native Americans, an Alaskan, Hawaiian, African-Americans, Anglos, Africans, Middle Eastern, Peruvian, and a Cambodian child that survived open heart surgery, and Pawtraits of beloved pets. To name a few. The detailed drawings look like photographs that capture the past in the glare from their eyes...

I won “Best Art Collection” in Arrington’s – an International Bed and Breakfast Magazine. My portraits have been bought in galleries and shows. I have completed several commissioned works, been featured in juried shows and produced a public work of art for the city of El Cajon.

I first study the photo or image for several days…until it speaks to me. I then let the image take over and come to life on the page. I become obsessed with the image until it appears real and complete, as if by request. I studied art, but never took a pencil drawing class or studied human face portraits. I believe my talent is a gift from God. I’m always amazed and thankful...I am an Artist looking forward to sharing my gift. Every encounter has a meaning and is not by chance... Commissioned work is always welcomed.

I used to draw for the mere love of Art, but Christmas Eve of 2018 changed that… I had a Grand Mal brain seizure in the midst of mass. Following diagnosis, my neurologist said that the act of drawing art and the detail would help me heal. Three Grand Mal seizures later my art has my love and a purpose!

To view my works, Please visit... www.valorieashley.com

Africanus Medium ~ Pencil / Graphite
Pensive Medium ~ Pencil / Graphite
It’s In the Eyes… Medium ~ Mixed Medium
Madea - Tyler Perry Medium ~ Pencil / Graphite
Cambodian Girl - Heartfelt Medium ~ Pencil / Graphite
BLM - Black Lines Matter Medium ~ Acrylic 

ALL SALES WILL BE MADE AT THE EAA ARTISTS GALLERY LOCATED AT 121 W. GRAND AVENUE, ESCONDIDO, CA 92025. Please contact the gallery to make a purchase. 442-317-0980

Portraits & Pawtraits


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Individual works of art - if interested please call to discuss. Prints and or note cards available upon request. I appreciate commissioned work, loved ones, people and pets.

Art on Rotation at Escondido Public Library by:

Valorie Ashley


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