September 2023

Judged by Dianna Ippolito
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Artist:   Lana Sylber

"It's All About Her"

1st Place - Oil
Lana Sylber

2nd Place - Oil
"Seven Tusks"
Pat Hunter

3rd Place - Oil
"Birds in Belize"
Steve Hart

1st Place - Acrylic
Lorraine Page

2nd Place - Acrylic
"Monster Truck Arena"
Laura Green

3rd Place - Acrylic
"Sicilian Beauty"
David Allen

1st Place - Mixed Media
"The Spirit"
Suzanne Nicolaisen

2nd Place - Mixed Media
"Side by Side II" 
Karen Langer Baker

3rd Place - Mixed Media 
"Sunday Afternoon" 
Karen Langer Baker

1st Place - Watercolor
"Noel Fishman"
Two's Company

2nd Place - Watercolor
"Stone Barn"
John Cowan

3rd Place - Watercolor
"Java Jazz"
John Cowan

1st Place - Photography & Digital Media
"A Conversation (Piece)"
Jennifer Wallace

2nd Place - Photography & Digital Media
"Dining in Sienna"
Steven E. Jones

3rd Place - Photography & Digital Media
"Lombard St. SF"
Steven E. Jones

Honorable Mentions

"Trout Cove"
Wayne Adachi

"Santiago de Compostela"
Jorge Garza

"The Other Woman"
Larry Baker

"Camino Zara"
Ranka Vukmanic

"Snail Mail"
Jennifer Wallace