Escondido art association board

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Jerry Mason


Jerry Mason is an artistic late bloomer. He began developing his artistic skills about 8 years ago at 66 in 2013. Taking a cue from his artistic mother who was mostly a closet artist, Jerry began working with just colored pencils and quickly spread out into water colors. He further developed his skills as a student for 4 years in a weekly water color class in the San Marcos Senior Center. He became a member of the Escondido Art Association (EAA) three years ago. Jerry has long been active in the Lake San Marcos Kiwanis Club serving as the Kiwanis club President from 2015-2016. After the pandemic lockdowns of 2020-2021, Jerry was seeking ways to become more active in meaningful activities centered on his interests and providentially at the same time the Escondido Art Association was seeking new leadership. Besides leading the EAA, Jerry works conscientiously toward creating art that “pops” and has developed a distinctive colorful style. He has painted over 500 pieces, 25 of which have won awards in the monthly EAA contests. “Our purpose at the EAA is to connect people to the transforming power of art…for me this is fun.”

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1st VP Programs


Janice Niles

2nd VP Membership

Art is my passion. I’ve enjoyed art from a young age because I watched my artistic mother create beautiful artwork and was surrounded by art books and visited many art museums while growing up. I took art classes through adult education and I’ve been painting in acrylic and pastel for many years. My style is traditional with occasionally a touch of fantasy. I paint all subjects, including portraits, but I would say I enjoy painting landscapes the most because I try to convey a sense of peace and tranquility. A love of nature is what motivates me to paint and creating art gives me a sense of accomplishment, purpose, and most importantly, joy. My artwork has been displayed in the Artists Gallery where I have won numerous awards over the years. I’ve had art shows at various venues such as the public library, a US Bank, the Humane Society, a Best Western hotel, and a couple of street fairs, all in Escondido. And It has been an honor to display my paintings several years at the Del Mar Fair. Serving as a board member of the Escondido Art Association for the past seven years has been a privilege.

Alison Driessen


Alison Driessen has been an artist for the last 15 years since retiring from her nursing career. She’s been married for 56 years to John and has 3 daughters and 6 grandsons, who all live close by. She is Australian, John is Dutch and her son-in -law is from New Zealand so travel is a passion. She works in both acrylic and watercolor. Loves color and bright loose styles and loves to try new techniques and different media.

Paula Mrazkova


Recent Board Member.

Jinx Lennon

gallery director

Jinx Lennon is an artist who honed her skills by studying with various artists in the USA and abroad. As a Foreign Service spouse, she was exposed to art culture in many counties. Now retired, she spends her time painting, volunteering, playing tennis, and gardening. Her art reflects her passion for travel. 

grace swanson

public relations

Grace Swanson is a gourd artist primarily who also makes pine needle baskets and burned and inked wood boards. She was a watercolor artist for 25 years before discovering the fascinating world of gourds. Her interest in gourds was sparked by a one-day workshop that she took at San Diego Botanic Garden. She knew about gourds from her childhood in Nigeria, where the people use gourds for everything, from spoons to bowls and for storage. Grace belongs to the San Dieguito Art Guild, Misti Washington Gourd and Basket Guild, San Diego County Gourd Artists, California Gourd Society and the American Gourd Society. She sells her gourd and pine needle artwork in several galleries in the San Diego area and participates in about 20 outdoor shows a year.

Dan forster


Long time supporter of the EAA.

Suzanne nicolaisen

interim 1st vp - programs

Suzanne Nicolaisen is a self-taught artist and has been a member of the Escondido Art Association (EAA), since 2007. She has held many different EAA board positions during her tenure. Her work can be found in several countries around the world. She was born in South Africa, lived in Switzerland, now residing in California, USA. More than 20 years of blending art with her love for everything living, Suzanne enjoys volunteering her time to support the community by combining her love for people, the arts, nature, and her surroundings. Suzanne's love for Escondido is expressed in her "Zanniki's Escondido" series of downtown Escondido paintings. She has never experienced a second of boredom in her life.

Pat Hunter

social media

Growing up in Greater Chicago, I visited the Art Institute often and credit these early art encounters as the basis for my desire to be an artist. My studies include years of adult ed classes as well as on-going studies with local art master. My preferred medium is oil. Landscapes, Pet Portraits, Wildlife are my favorite subjects.