Valorie Ashley
Commissions: [email protected]
Portraits & Pawtraits...Images that capture the Eye
"My primary medium is pencil. I love the reality the detail and the eyes tell the story. Elders and the youth, adorable pets and multicultural images are my passion! I want you to feel my art."

Tokeli Baker
Instagram: @tokeli
Consciousness Abstract Painter
Multi dimensional artist, working in a variety of media, including painting, salvage sculpture, installation, music composition, theatre, and writing.

"I am interested in the deeper questions." 

Alfred Bula
[email protected]
In art I have found the way to express myself and capture through it my deepest feelings that surprise me by being materialized by this wonderful method that shows us the innermost of our existence and essence. 

John Cowan
Instragram: @art_by_jcowan_2121
[email protected]
My passion for art has manifested over the years through watercolor painting. There is something magical to me when the colors run together on the wet paper, making mesmerizing skies and incredibly realistic foregrounds.

Cathy Haven
Instagram: @cathyhaven
[email protected]
I find inspiration from the world around me and create pieces that reflect the joy I find in my daily observations. I work in a wide range of mediums that include pastel, acrylic, watercolor, printmaking, charcoal and pencil.

Pat Hunter
Facebook: @Patriciahunterart
Instagram: @phunter92026

Painting is my passion. Landscapes, Wildlife, Pets, the Ocean – scenes that are both powerful and serene. I love animals and strive to express their individuality. Expressing beauty in oil paint – that’s my work.

Judy Ipema
Instagram: @fotogo3
I did not delve into art until later in life. However, I've always wanted to depict the beautiful and mysterious world around me in some way.

Jinx Lennon
Instagram: @lennonjinx
Facebook: @jinx.lennon

Having studied with artists in the U.S. and abroad while a Foreign Service spouse, Jinx was exposed to art and  culture in many counties. Now retired, she spends her time painting, traveling,  volunteering, playing tennis and gardening.  “I am a part of all that I have met; Yet all experience is an arch wherethrough Gleams that untraveled world whose margin fades Forever and forever when I move.” (Ulysses)

Suzanne Nicolaisen - Zanniki

Suzanne Nicolaisen - Zanniki @Zanniki
A passionate artist finding inspiration in nature, cultures, and life, conveying impressions and messages to support and motivate her fellow humans.

Janice Niles
[email protected]
A love of nature and people is what motivates me to paint. I enjoy painting a variety of subjects, including portraits, primarily in pastel and acrylic. Art enriches my life and it is my hope that it enriches yours as well. 

Linda Stamets
[email protected]
Linda Stamets is a lifelong artist, musician and educator. After a brain injury in 2011, painting, drawing and card making have been vital to her recovery.