February 2024
"Seeing Red! Passion Play"

Judged by Igor Koutsenko


Artist:   Suzanne Nicolaisen

"A Place for All"

1st Place - Oil
"Fires of Passion"
Lorrie Berry

2nd Place - Oil
"The Gift"
Jinx Lennon

3rd Place - Oil
"Walking After Midnight"
Carole Quinn-Nylander

1st Place - Acrylic
"Crossing the Bridge" Laura Green

2nd Place - Acrylic
Lorraine Page

3rd Place - Acrylic
"Borrego Bloom"
Cathy Haven

1st Place - Mixed Media
"Gourds on Display"
Karen Langer Baker

2nd Place - Mixed Media
"Red Bouquet" 
Larry Baker

3rd Place - Mixed Media 
"Red Robe
Cathy Haven

1st Place - Watercolor
"House Tree"
John Cowan

2nd Place - Watercolor
"I Don't Give a Hoot!"
Kene Lohmann

3rd Place - Watercolor
"Fire and Ice"
Kene Lohmann

1st Place - Photography & Digital Media
"Blossoming Aloes"
Darina Baebler

2nd Place - Photography & Digital Media
"Paper Roses"
Tom Smith

3rd Place - Photography & Digital Media
"Sunset at the Pier"
Tom Smith

Honorable Mentions

Howard Burdick

"Just Roses"
Jackie Ambriz

Craig Reesor

"Goddess of Love"
Carol Henwood

"Morro Rock"
Roy Henderson

People's Choice Award

EAA's brand new award opportunity by vote in the gallery!

"Message from Beyond"
Millie Taylor Smith