EAA Member Artists provide artwork for local restaurants, bars, event venues and organizations. Rotations last 1-12 months before a new artist is exhibited. All sales go through the Escondido Art Association Gallery, located at 121 W. Grand Avenue in Escondido, and are subject to the 15% commission to EAA. 

If you find a painting you'd like to purchase at a Rotation location, please note the TITLE, ARTIST'S NAME and VENUE LOCATION. Call EAA to make your purchase and schedule delivery of your painting.

If you are an EAA Member Artist interested in participating in our (Free, no submission fee) Rotations program, please click the button below, read the agreement, and then contact our
Rotations Manager, Byron Marler, at [email protected]

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Escondido Public Library

239 S. Kalmia St.
Escondido, CA 92025

Artist:   Elizabeth Erickson

Artist Statement: 
Betty is a watercolorist and an art teacher.    Her subjects range from interesting structures, landscapes, and florals. 

The Grand Escondido

301 E. Grand Avenue, Escondido, CA 92025

Artist: Tokeli Baker
Large scale mixed media abstracts
Instagram: @tokeli

Artist Statement: "I am giving my life and art in service to the Whole. I love the act of Creation. I love Truth and Beauty. I paint what I feel."   

ASTRAL SWORD & SHIELD (Above staircase, pictured here)
SACRED BEACHHEAD (upstairs, over the sofa)
LISTENING TO GYMNOPEDIE (by the elevator upstairs)

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Hoorah Restaurant

11611 Rancho Bernardo Rd.
San Diego, CA

Artist:  Janice Niles
"A love of nature and people is what motivates me to paint. I enjoy painting a variety of subjects, including portraits, primarily in pastel and acrylic. Art enriches my life and it is my hope that it enriches yours as well."

Hoorah Restaurant

11611 Rancho Bernardo Rd.
San Diego, CA

Artist: Wayne Adachi 

Statement: Wayne loves plein air painting. For him painting outdoors is a joy, a passion, an opportunity to be expressive with light and dark values, and high intensity color. He draws inspiration from the early California Impressionists. They express in their paintings a sense of light and boldness of color that excites him.

Cute Cakes

345 W Grand Ave.
Escondido, CA 92025

Artist:  Lorraine Page

Lorraine’s work is reflective of my character: inquisitive, contemplative, and fanciful. The drawings, paintings, combined media and assemblages range from realism to total abstraction. Her preferred medium is acrylic which allows for quick changes. She applies layers of thick and thin color which are washed, scumbled, dripped, spaddered, scratched in or wiped out over flat or textured surfaces, using brushes, paper towels, sticks and even her fingers. Her combined media artwork often contains found objects giving the artwork a sense of history and mystery."

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340 W. Valley Parkway
Escondido, CA

Mediterranean Themed Art by:

Elaine Griveas
Lana Sylber
Jinx Lennon
Noel Fishman
David Allen

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